Jumat, 23 Mei 2008

Criteria for PBL

According to the Autodesk Foundation, "PBL is at the heart of good instruction because it brings together intellectual inquiry, rigorous real-world standards, and student engagement in relevant and meaningful work." Well-crafted projects:
• Engage and build on student interests and passions,
• Provide a meaningful and authentic context for learning,
• Immerse students in complex, real-world problems/investigations without a edetermined solution,
• Allow students to take the lead, making critical choices and decisions,
• Connect students with community resources and experts,
• Require students to develop and demonstrate essential skills and knowledge,
• Draw on multiple disciplines to solve problems and deepen understanding,
• Build in opportunities for reflection and self-assessment,
• Result in useful products that demonstrate what students have learned, and
• Culminate in exhibitions or presentations to an authentic audience.

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