Jumat, 23 Mei 2008

Team Game Tournament Instructions

This learning activity appeals to many different types of learner including the cooperative and the competitive learner.
Step1 Divide the class into teams of four or five. A class of 29 would have 5 teams of 5 and one team of 4.
Step 2 Distribute the Practice version of the test to each student and instruct them to answer the questions cooperatively as a team, ensuring that all team members understand how each answer was obtained. The intention is to lift the overall team performance.
Step 3 Display a copy of the answers on the OHP or data projector and get each team to check their answers and resolve any issues with their answers.
Step 4 Ask the students to sort there team on the basis of their understanding of the topic from very good understanding (A students) to poor understanding (E students). The team of 4 students will only have A to D students.
Step 5 Regroup and seat all of the A students in one area of the room, B students in another area etc.
Step 6 Give out the Test version questions to each student and instruct them to individually answer the questions under formal test conditions.
Step 7 Display a copy of the answers on the OHP or data projector and get each student to mark their answers and then to rank themselves amongst the group of students the y are grouped with. That is, the A students will rank themselves from best to worst score. The student with the best score is given a score of 5` points while the student with the lowest score is given a score of 1 point. Students with equal scores receive the same number of points (e.g. the points distribution could be 5, 4, 4, 4, 1 if three students have the same score). If there are only four students in a group, the scores will range from 5 to 2 points.
Step 8 The students recombine into their original teams and total their scores with the largest score winning. Any team with less than 5 students adds the average grade for the team to their score.

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